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Shane is a freelance musician offering an array of services including performing, composing, producing and teaching. He is the guitarist for Paparazzi - a rock, pop and disco covers band frequently performing in the Herts & North London area. You can find a list of show dates here.

When he's not gigging he can usually be found in his studio! Having spent the last 3 years working as a composer & sound designer for video games, Shane has a deep passion and understanding of the audio creation process, from generating ideas and writing to recording, mixing and mastering and everything in between. Shane is currently composing music for 'The Harbinger' IP with Blue Diamond Studios, who are based in the USA.

Multi-instrumentalist - as an experienced guitarist, pianist, vocalist and keyboards/synth player, Shane puts all of these skills to good use when composing and producing music. He's also a keen student of music theory, musical philosophy and musical history. 

After having attained a degree in Music Technology, Shane went on to become a studio manager and sound engineer at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. He was fortunate enough to work with artists such as Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker and Tony Christie and was mentored by producer Colin Elliot (Kylie Minogue, Richard Hawley), to whom Shane owes credit for many of the tricks in his erm... proverbial bag of tricks!

Shane's favourite genres to work with are Orchestral, Electronic, EDM, Rock, Disco and Latin, although he writes and produces music in a vast array of genres and styles thanks to a highly developed, fine-tuned and deeply analytical skillset.

A tutor with over 12 years of experience in the private sector, Shane created and ran Bravura Music Academy in Bristol for over 3 years, tutoring many students during that time in guitar, vocals, piano and music production. Unfortunately he had to close shop and relocate to be closer to family, due to a serious illness earlier this year. You'll be pleased to know he's made a full recovery now though, and is very much back in the game with a freshly lit fire in his belly!!

Shane is currently available for bookings for all of the services mentioned above, please feel free to contact him at any time for queries or bookings (or just to say hi!)

Finally, and most importantly - Have a great day :)

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